Another One Bites The Dust

Another year, that is. Twenty Thirteen was another busy year in a lifetime of busy years, and on the whole, it seemed to be an unoffensive sort of year. Like any year, there were the usual ups and downs. Blog-wise, I tried a few new things this year; some worked, some didn’t. Regardless, I still […] Continue Reading»

Christmas Time Is Here

I am a holiday traditionalist, which basically means that I am one of those curmudgeons that complains a lot when Christmas shows up early. You know what I mean. Stores start decorating and blasting Christmas music right around Halloween, radio stations go to 24/7 holiday music before Thanksgiving, the Christmas specials invade the cable channels […] Continue Reading»

San Francisco Before the Fire

“A Trip Down Market Street Before the Fire” is a Public Domain video posted at The Internet Archive. It features a view from what is presumably a cable car with a movie camera mounted on the front, traveling along San Franciso’s Market Street in 1906. Filmed before the famous earthquake and subsequent fire, it gives […] Continue Reading»

Near Miss: Asteroid 2012 DA 14

Last week the small asteroid 2012 DA 14  came within a galactic hair’s breadth of the Earth, and amateur astro-photographer Colin Legg was able to video the visiting asteroid as it cruised past overhead. In addition to the asteroid on the left side of the frame, you can see a meteor blaze through the sky […] Continue Reading»