TWTW: Week Sixteen

There’s no imaginative pun in the title this week, and no mention of last week’s missing TWTW. In addition to being a busy little beaver this month, I’ve just been in an extended writing funk. I’ve started half a dozen different posts on a variety of subjects, but ultimately I’ve sent them all to the […] Continue Reading»

TWTW: The Dirty Dozen

Spring has sprung, but you can’t tell by the weather. It’s been cold. It’s been damp. The “S” word has been mentioned more than once in the weather forecasts. Phooey! I need warmth! Project Epsilon4 As I’ve stated elsewhere, I’ve begun building the machine that will replace my old PC. When its circuits finally gave […] Continue Reading»

TWTW: Number Nine, Number Nine…

It’s been an odd week, up to and including the weekend. Between the tooth that I should have taken care before the holidays (yes, the Christmas holidays) and the very lazy vibe that’s been making itself felt, I really haven’t accomplished much. C’est la vie… Multiple Personalities Recently I created new accounts on a few […] Continue Reading»