Link-O-Matic #5

The 2013 Hugo Voter’s Packet has been released by Lone Star Con 3! Mark Twain filmed by Thomas Edison The origins of 12 famous Star Trek lines The Beatles unplugged The “Ferrari” of desktop computers, the NeXT Computer Every Noise at Once, a clickable musical genre map PBS: The Movie, starring Carl Sagan, Fred Rogers, […] Continue Reading»

TWTW: Number Nine, Number Nine…

It’s been an odd week, up to and including the weekend. Between the tooth that I should have taken care before the holidays (yes, the Christmas holidays) and the very lazy vibe that’s been making itself felt, I really haven’t accomplished much. C’est la vie… Multiple Personalities Recently I created new accounts on a few […] Continue Reading»

TWTW: The Seven Week Itch

Here we are, seven weeks into the new year. By now, the newness of the year has just about worn off. The good news is that it’s about a month until the start of spring, which means summer won’t be far behind! Tooth Hurty I knew this tooth needed attention. “Let me just get though […] Continue Reading»