San Francisco Before the Fire

“A Trip Down Market Street Before the Fire” is a Public Domain video posted at The Internet Archive. It features a view from what is presumably a cable car with a movie camera mounted on the front, traveling along San Franciso’s Market Street in 1906. Filmed before the famous earthquake and subsequent fire, it gives […] Continue Reading»

First of May [NSFW]

Internet bard Jonathan Coulton has had this tribute to Spring in his repertoire for about a decade now. The history of this very Not Safe For Work ditty can be found on the “JoCopedia,” a wiki of all things Jonathan Coulton. In fact, you can even download the song for free at Jonathan Coulton’s music […] Continue Reading»

R.I.P. Posterous (2008-2013)

Posterous was a 2008 start-up that attempted to make it easier to share photos and other media with your social networks. I signed on in 2010 and used it to save pictures and YouTube videos that I encountered in my travels around the web. It was a nice little service, but I stopped being an […] Continue Reading»