My New Nook

After purchasing my Nook Simple Touch, I decided to take a quick picture of it just out of the box with my new Droid 3’s camera. I did rotate, crop and resize the image in order to manage the file size. The next photo is an unaltered image taken with my Droid 3 while my […] Continue Reading»

Tech Update, October 2011

I thought I’d post a quick tech update since I’ve added some new items to my personal gadget arsenal recently. Last month I had the misfortune to drop and break the screen of my beloved Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader. After superb warranty service from Square Trade, I was ready to buy a new device. […] Continue Reading»

That New Phone Smell

I was a cell phone holdout for the longest time. I’ve never been much of a phone person to begin with, and the idea of being available to anyone who had my number 24 hours a day didn’t hold much appeal for me. I finally relented a few years back and bought a “pay as […] Continue Reading»