TWTW: The Seven Week Itch

Here we are, seven weeks into the new year. By now, the newness of the year has just about worn off. The good news is that it’s about a month until the start of spring, which means summer won’t be far behind! Tooth Hurty I knew this tooth needed attention. “Let me just get though […] Continue Reading»

Christmas Loot

We don’t really exchange extravagant gifts around these parts (no cars with ribbons in the driveway, for example), but I did want to share two gifts I received this year that I was really excited about. It should come as no surprise that they were both books. The first is Star Trek: The Original Series […] Continue Reading»

Space Oddities

In honor of Tuesday’s successful landing of the space shuttle Discovery, I have a lot of space related links today. First up is NASA. It could take you years to sift through all the great things on their site. There’s NASA-TV, Image of the Day, almost three dozen official blogs, everything you ever wanted to […] Continue Reading»