Back To The Future, Too?

Happy New Year! 2015 is here, and as everyone knows, by October 21st of this year we’ll have hoverboards, flying cars, dehydrated pizza, fax machine mailboxes, Jaws 19, and huge flat screen TVs. Well, one out six isn’t too bad. Back to the Future 2 references aside, I’m optimistic about this year. I’ll be continuing […] Continue Reading»

Iron Sky

A few years ago I came across an interesting YouTube video while wasting time online. It was a teaser trailer for a dark science fiction comedy called Iron Sky being produced by filmmakers in Finland. The premise was simple: Near the end of World War II, a group of Nazis fled to the far side […] Continue Reading»

Disappearing Act

Now you see me, now you don’t. Mostly it’s been “don’t” for the last couple months, but I’m back for now. I know the big thing this week is the upcoming release of the last Harry Potter movie, but I’m more interested in the new Captain America flick being released the following weekend. I also […] Continue Reading»

TWTW: Eighth Wonder

I’m feeling very science-fictional this week, so before I slip into my holo-deck, let’s see what kind of goodies I have… Old Man’s War Movie! John Scalzi’s Hugo nominated “Old Man’s War,” a military romp through a crowded Milky Way, has been optioned by Paramount to be made into a feature film. Wolfgang Petersen is […] Continue Reading»

TWTW: The Seven Week Itch

Here we are, seven weeks into the new year. By now, the newness of the year has just about worn off. The good news is that it’s about a month until the start of spring, which means summer won’t be far behind! Tooth Hurty I knew this tooth needed attention. “Let me just get though […] Continue Reading»