Link-O-Matic #5

The 2013 Hugo Voter’s Packet has been released by Lone Star Con 3! Mark Twain filmed by Thomas Edison The origins of 12 famous Star Trek lines The Beatles unplugged The “Ferrari” of desktop computers, the NeXT Computer Every Noise at Once, a clickable musical genre map PBS: The Movie, starring Carl Sagan, Fred Rogers, […] Continue Reading»

Link-O-Matic #2

Here’s another batch of links that I’ve found scattered around the internet. In case you’ve ever wondered what Popeye would look like in real life. If Pixar turned its eyes toward the original Star Trek… Firefly’s 15 Best Chinese Curses (and How to Say Them) (NSFW) I’m having a difficult time choosing my favorite book […] Continue Reading»

Link-O-Matic #1

I started digging though some old links recently and decide to start posting some of my favorites, both new and old. Here’s the first batch for your perusal. The History Channel’s “World War II” miniseries isn’t very realistic. Here are some rare ST:TNG photos. Keep it up. And here we have a slideshow of original […] Continue Reading»