JoCo’s Number One Fan

For context, here is Jonathan Coulton’s original Tweet: Hey look, @gleeonfox ripped off my cover of Baby Got Back: Never even contacted me. Classy. — Jonathan Coulton (@jonathancoulton) January 18, 2013 More context here and here. And now, for the main event: Continue Reading»

Chicon 7

It’s official! I just finished registering as an attending member of the 70th World Science Fiction Convention at Chicon 7 in Chicago, IL. It will be held next year over the Labor Day weekend, from August 30th to September 3rd, 2012. I had originally planned to make the trip with an old friend, but it […] Continue Reading»

Project Epsilon4: Getting Closer

Now that I had a machine that was usable, I started poking around the latest version of the openSUSE operating system (11.4) and familiarizing myself with KDE 4.6. I’d used Linux before, including openSUSE, back when I was first experimenting with different operating systems. I’d downloaded various distros and live CDs off and on for […] Continue Reading»