Link-O-Matic #1

I started digging though some old links recently and decide to start posting some of my favorites, both new and old. Here’s the first batch for your perusal. The History Channel’s “World War II” miniseries isn’t very realistic. Here are some rare ST:TNG photos. Keep it up. And here we have a slideshow of original […] Continue Reading»


There have been some pretty geeky anniversaries this month, but I think the one that caused the most buzz on the Internet this past Friday when Google changed its logo to a fully playable PAC-MAN game for the game’s 30th anniversary. The response was so overwhelming that Google has decided to put up a permanent […] Continue Reading»

Weekend Diversions

My wife and I have been spending a good amount of time on a lot of different things over the last four or five weeks, the latest being our son’s return home from school for the summer and our daughter’s graduation from college this weekend. Aside from the ever-present home improvement cycle and the constant […] Continue Reading»