You Deserve A Break Today

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday,* I am posting this video of a McDonald’s commercial from 1971 that stars a pre-Happy Days Anson Williams (“Potsie” Weber), a pre-M*A*S*H Johnny Haymer (Sgt. Zale), and a pre-Good Times John Amos (John Evans). You can tell this is from the early 1970s because there are seven adult men […] Continue Reading»

TWTW: The Seven Week Itch

Here we are, seven weeks into the new year. By now, the newness of the year has just about worn off. The good news is that it’s about a month until the start of spring, which means summer won’t be far behind! Tooth Hurty I knew this tooth needed attention. “Let me just get though […] Continue Reading»

The Week That Was: Third Time’s The Charm

Welcome to week number three of TWTW. I’ve finally started catching up on my reading and film viewing, but I’m still limping along on my backup computers. But it shouldn’t be too long before the FedEx man starts leaving packages at my door… So Long And Thanks For All The Laundry… My son has been […] Continue Reading»