My 2016 Reading List

And suddenly, it’s 2016! And with another new year, comes another reading list. There is no grand introduction this year, and there are no new features or goals to announce. I’ll just record what I read this year, and see where I wind up in twelve months. It’s as simple as that.

Let’s get to it!

[UPDATE] There is nothing wrong with the reading list on this page. It is tragically empty, as I have not read any books at all in 2016. I had plenty of time to read thanks to being out of work for 4 months recovering from surgery. I have plenty of things on my TBR list, both new and old. For whatever reason, I just never picked up a book to read.

I will optimistically put up a page for 2017, and see where that takes me.

Currently Reading: No more books to read this year!.

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