Kayleigh, Animated

While testing out the burst mode of the camera on my new phone, I was pleasantly surprised that Google’s Auto-Awesome tool* created the following animated gif of my granddaughter Kayleigh. Because animated gifs seem to confuse Facebook, I decided to post this here.

Animated Kayleigh


























*I let Google automatically back up all pictures taken with my phone’s camera.

The Big Game 48

The New York Super Bowl is being played in New Jersey later today, so I just though I’d leave this here.

As for me, I’ll be rooting for whatever score combinations enable me to win in the various block pools I’m participating in. You know, For Entertainment Purposes Only.

My January Reads, 2014

Book StackAs I mentioned in this post, I have a few reading goals I’d like to accomplish this year. The goal most relevant to my Monthly Reads posts is reading more short fiction. Specifically I want to average at least one short story per day during 2014. That may seem like a lot to some people, but rest assured that I have more than enough anthologies, collections, magazines, and web sites to provides quite a few years worth of reading. Especially if I limited myself to only reading one story a day.

It seems as though I got off on the right foot in January, even with all the excitement caused by the birth of my first grandchild! I read 44 stories over 31 days, and I have plenty more short fiction lined up for this month.

From Daily Science Fiction:

  • On the Sweetness of Children by Michelle Muenzler (1/1/14)
  • Mercury In Hand by Amanda M. Hayes (1/1/14)
  • Azencer by Rigel Ailur (1/2/14)
  • American Changeling by Mary Robinette Kowal (1/2/14)
  • Flint’s Folly by J. Chant (1/3/14)
  • Picture in Sand by Susan A Shepherd (1/3/14)
  • The Man who Said Good Morning by Ralph Gamelli (1/4/14)
  • The Jug Game by Jennifer Moore (1/4/14)
  • The Fosterling by Therese Arkenberg (1/4/14)
  • Long Pig by Matthew Johnson (1/5/14)
  • Sparks by Mari Ness (1/5/14)
  • Small Differences by Tim Patterson (1/5/14)
  • A Little-Known Historical Fact by Tim McDaniel (1/6/14)
  • Finding Joan by David D. Levine (1/6/14)
  • Gamed by Stephen Gaskell (1/6/14)
  • Losses: A Game by M.O. Walsh (1/7/14)
  • Solitude by Michael Guillebeau (1/7/14)
  • Fashion Statement by Peter Roberts (1/7/14)
  • Migrating Bears by Helena Leigh Bell (1/8/14)
  • Grinpa by Brian K Lowe (1/25/14)
  • Bless This House by Beth Cato (1/25/14)
  • Zero Hour by Sue Burke (1/25/14)
  • Susan 3342 A.D. by Marge Simon (1/25/14)

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 88

  • The Clockwork Soldier by Ken Liu (1/2/14)
  • Grave of the Fireflies by Cheng Jingbo (1/3/14)
  • Wine by Yoon Ha Lee (1/3/14)
  • Ship’s Brother by Aliette de Bodard (1/3/14)
  • Utriusque Cosmi by Robert Charles Wilson (1/3/14)

The Best of Harry Harrison by Harry Harrison

I’m almost finished this Harry Harrison collection. I’ve owned this paperback for almost 30 years, and this is the first time I’m reading it!

  • The Streets of Ashkelon (1/26/14)
  • Captain Honario Harpplayer, R.N. (1/27/14)
  • Rescue Operation (1/27/14)
  • At Last, the True Story of Frankenstein (1/27/14)
  • I Always Do What Teddy Says (1/27/14)
  • Portrait of the Artist (1/27/14)
  • Not Me, Not Amos Cabot! (1/30/14)
  • Mute Milton (1/30/14)
  • A Criminal Act (1/30/14)
  • Waiting Place (1/30/14)
  • If (1/31/14)
  • I have My Vigil (1/31/14)
  • From Fanaticism, or For Reward (1/31/14)
  • By the Falls (1/31/14)
  • The Ever-Branching Tree (1/31/14)
  • Braver New World (1/31/14)

See you next month!

Kayleigh Nicole, January 9, 2014

Kayleigh &PopPop

I’m taking a break from just about everything right now, thanks to the newest addition to the family, my granddaughter Kayleigh. She arrived on Thursday at 1:55 AM, and Pop-Pop is already wrapped around her little finger!

Now starts the molding of a young geek mind, unknowingly aided by her parents, who named her after the mechanic of the ship Serenity.

So Close

Despite this fine catch by Desean Jackson in the second half of last night’s NFC Wild Card Game, my Philadelphia Eagles came up short against the New Orleans Saints, losing 26 to 24 on a game ending field goal. It was the first road playoff win for the Saints in the history of the franchise. It also ended an improbably successful year for the 10 and 6 Eagles under first year coach Chip Kelly and backup quarterback Nick Foles.

Desean Jackson Catch

While we were dissapointed last night, Eagles fans have a lot to look forward to next season!

Only The Beginning

2014As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m going to become a grandfather for the first time later this month, so 2014 is already off to a good start. It also means that my new granddaughter just may have an influence on the content of this site in the coming year. I don’t plan to turn it into Pop-Pop’s photo gallery, but I’ll definitely be talking about my nefarious plans to turn her into a little geekling.

I also have some plans for my reading habits this year. Last year was very uneven in regards to the kinds of books I was reading; there were also long stretches where I barely read anything. What this means is that in 2014 I want to diversify the kinds of books I read and to read consistently throughout the new year.

I also would like to increase the amount of short fiction I read. In addition to my Clarkesworld subscription and the shelves (both real and virtual) of unread anthologies I own, I have a backlog of over 800 short stories from Daily Science Fiction sitting unread in my inbox. I have a lot of catching up to do. So my short fiction goal in 2014 is to read at least one story a day on average.

Last year I published 34 posts here on Fuddster Dot Com. It was a marked increase from the three posts published in 2012, but like my reading, I was very inconsistent. While I averaged close to three posts per month, there were too many months that had only one or two posts. Not to mention last August, with no posts at all.

So the theme for the coming year will be consistency. I’m going to work on both reading and blogging more regularly, and to document the building of a little geek mind once she arrives into this new year.

Happy 2014, everyone!

My December Reads, 2013

Book StackI finally got back to my reading in December, making it a “catch-up” month. In spite of the busyness of the holidays, I finished up an anthology that I started in September, and worked on getting up to date with my Clarkesworld subscription.


Machine of Death, Edited by Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo, and David Malki !

I polished off the rest of Machine of Death early in the month, and I’m looking forward to trying the next book of stories in the series, This Is How You Die, sometime soon.

  • Aneurysm (12/2/13)
  • Exhaustion From Having Sex With A Minor (12/2/13)
  • After Many Years, Stops Breathing, While Asleep,… (12/2/13)
  • Killed By Daniel (12/2/13)
  • Friendly Fire (12/3/13)
  • Nothing (12/6/13)
  • Cocaine And Painkillers (12/6/13)
  • Loss Of Blood (12/6/13)
  • Prison Knife Fight (12/6/13)
  • While Trying To Save Another (12/9/13)
  • Miscarriage (12/9/13)
  • Shot By Sniper (12/9/13)
  • Heat Death Of The Universe (12/9/13)
  • Drowning (12/9/13)
  • ? (12/9/13)
  • Cassandra (12/9/13)

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 85, Edited by Neil Clarke

  • The Symphony of Ice and Dust by Julie Novakova (12/16/13)
  • Bits by Naomi Kritzer (12/17/13)
  • The Creature Recants by Dale Bailey(12/20/13)
  • The Ki-anna by Gwyneth Jones (12/23/13)
  • A Night at the Tarn House by George R.R. Martin (12/23/13)

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 86, Edited by Neil Clarke

  • Mystic Falls by Robert Reed (12/29/13)
  • The Aftermath by Maggie Clark (12/29/13)
  • Never Dreaming (In Four Burns) by Seth Dickinson (12/29/13)
  • Manifest Destiny by Joe Haldeman (12/29/13)
  • Special Economics by Maureen F. McHugh (12/30/13)

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 87, Edited by Neil Clarke

  • Daedalum, the Devil’s Wheel by E. Lily Yu (12/30/13)
  • Of Alternate Adventures and Memory by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz (12/30/13)
  • Silent Bridge, Pale Cascade by Benjanun Sriduangkaew (12/30/13)
  • 10^16 to 1 by James Patrick Kelly (12/31/13)
  • The Pure Product by John Kessel (12/31/13)

That’s it for all the short fiction I read this year. All told I read approximately 188 stories, encompassing 14 magazine issues, 4 anthologies, and other random readings in 2013. Not a bad reading year for me. With any luck, 2014 will give me plenty of new stories to read!