My Summer Reads, 2014

Book StackSpecifically, my May, June, and July reads. Unfortunately, there isn’t much here to see since I haven’t done any reading since April. The last book I started has been sitting on my bookshelf unread since then, and my “To Read” pile seems to be spreading out like untreated dandelions on the front lawn. According to, I have 39 books to read in the next five months if I’m going to reach my goal of 52 books read before the end of the year.

It’s time to pick up a book and start reading. The Nook is charged and the bookshelves are beckoning. Now, what looks interesting?

My April Reads, 2014

Book StackIt’s been a while since I’ve read much of anything, but I’ve finally started to crack open a few tomes. It won’t be long before the second anniversary of Rad Bradbury’s passing is here, so I’m trying to finish the Barnes and Noble collection before it gets here. And with the announcement of the Hugo Award nominations on Easter weekend, I want to get caught up on as much reading as I can.

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

I started reading the Barnes and Noble Ray Bradbury Collection, which includes The Martian Chronicles, The Illustrated Man, and The Golden Apple of the Sun, shortly after Bradbury’s death in 2012, long before I began to keep track of my short fiction reading. I finally finished reading The Illustrated Man in September of 2013. Last month I began The Martian Chronicles, and was actually able to finish it!

  • Rocket Summer (4/19/14)
  • Ylla (4/19/14)
  • The Summer Night (4/19/14)
  • The Earth Men (4/19/14)
  • The Taxpayer (4/19/14)
  • The Third Expedition (4/19/14)
  • -And The Moon Be Still As Bright (4/19/14)
  • The Settlers (4/19/14)
  • The Green Morning (4/24/14)
  • The Locusts (4/24/14)
  • Night Meeting (4/24/14)
  • The Shore (4/24/14)
  • Fire Balloons (4/24/14)
  • Interim (4/24/14)
  • The Musicians (4/24/14)
  • The Wilderness (4/24/14)
  • Way In The Middle Of The Air* (4/24/14)
  • The Naming of Names (4/24/14)
  • Usher II (4/24/14)
  • The Old Ones (4/24/14)
  • The Martian (4/24/14)
  • The Luggage Store (4/24/14)
  • The Off Season (4/24/14)
  • The Watchers (4/24/14)
  • The Silent Towns (4/24/14)
  • The Long Years (4/24/14)
  • There Will Come Soft Rains (4/24/14)
  • The Million Year Picnic (4/24/14)

* This story is a depiction of racial prejudice in America. It was eliminated from some editions of The Martian Chronicles (including this one), and was replaced by the story The Wilderness. I found a copy of the story online and read it.

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 90, Edited by Neil Clarke

  • Morrigan in the Sunglare by Seth Dickinson (4/21/14)
  • Human Strandings and the Role of the Xenobiologist by Thoraiya Dyer (4/23/14)
  • Suteta Mono de wa Nai by Juliette Wade (4/23/14)
  • The Egg Man by Mary Rosenblum (4/24/14)
  • Mountain Ways by Ursula K. Le Guin (4/24/14)

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 91, Edited by Neil Clarke

I started the April issue and hope to finish it in a day or two.

  • Passage of Earth by Michael Swanwick (4/29/14)
  • Autodidact by Benjanun Sriduangkaew (4/30/14)

Until next month, read more!

My March Reads, 2014

Book StackMarch came in like a lion and went out like a lion this year. The long, hard winter continued to make me miserable. I mentioned my fall on the ice in February’s update; I’m seeing my doctor for some issues related to that. I have just not been in the mood to do any reading at all. February 7th was the last time I finished a short story and I finished my last novel on February 9th.

The weather is finally starting to turn around, so I’m hoping to get out of this reading funk that I’ve been in the last two months. My books aren’t going to read themselves after all!

Until next time…


The Hugo Voter’s Packet

I was invited to write a guest post about the Hugo Voter’s Packet over at the My Passion Is Books blog:

What is the Hugo Voter’s Packet and why should you care? Hello! My name is Lonnie, and Fran has graciously invited me to stop by and help you answer that question.

The post is live now, so feel free to head on over and give it a look see. While you’re there, be sure to read more of what Fran has to offer. There’s a lot of interesting posts there, and it’s been in my RSS reader since I discovered it!

My February Reads, 2014

Book StackJanuary was a cold, wintery month, and February was more of the same. You would think that the winter weather would make it perfect for curling up and reading. Unfortunately, the multiple snowstorms put me in a fantastically lousy mood, especially when I went down on the ice on Valentine’s Day! Except for the time that I’ve been able to spend with my new granddaughter, I’ve had a major case of the winter blues and just haven’t felt like reading much at all. I did manage to get a little reading in before things turned sour, but I have some catching up to do to get back on track.

Without further ado, here is my very short list of my February short reading. With any luck, I’ll get my mojo back this month.

The Best of Harry Harrison by Harry Harrison

I started this collection in late January, and finished up the last four stories in this book on the first day of February.

  • Roommates (2/1/14)
  • The Mothballed Spaceship (2/1/14)
  • An Honest Day’s Work (2/1/14)
  • Space Rats of the C.C.C. (2/1/14)

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 89, Edited by Neil Clarke

  • Tortoiseshell Cats Are Not Refundable by Cat Rambo (2/7/14)
  • The Eleven Holy Numbers of the Mechanical Soul by Natalia Theodoridou (2/7/14)
  • And Wash Out by Tides of War by An Owomoyela (2/7/14)
  • Infinities by Vandana Singh (2/7/14)
  • Martian Heart by John Barnes (2/7/14)

Come on, Spring!

Kayleigh, Animated

While testing out the burst mode of the camera on my new phone, I was pleasantly surprised that Google’s Auto-Awesome tool* created the following animated gif of my granddaughter Kayleigh. Because animated gifs seem to confuse Facebook, I decided to post this here.

Animated Kayleigh


























*I let Google automatically back up all pictures taken with my phone’s camera.

The Big Game 48

The New York Super Bowl is being played in New Jersey later today, so I just though I’d leave this here.

As for me, I’ll be rooting for whatever score combinations enable me to win in the various block pools I’m participating in. You know, For Entertainment Purposes Only.