Here We Go Again!

I’m writing this a few hours before the start of 2017 and will schedule it to go live in the wee hours of the new year. As I’m mulling over what to write, I’m thinking about what goals I have for the new year and how I’m going to accomplish them.

I’m also thinking about whether or not this is going to be my only post of 2017. I seem to have a terrible track record of updating this blog. It’s almost as bad as last year’s Reading List! I’m pretty sure I want to keep the site up and running, I’m just going to have to make that commitment.

As a result of my shoulder surgery last year, I’ve lost any and all self control when it comes to healthy eating and drinking. So of course, I want to get back on the wagon so I can fit back into most of my wardrobe. I’m going to keep it simple and manageable, and hopefully keep myself accountable.

I’ve started to dabble in woodworking a bit. I don’t have many tools or much space to work in, but I’ve made a couple little projects for my granddaughter. I want to expand my skills this year and see where it leads.

And I want to read a book this year. It sounds funny because as recently as 2013, I’ve read over 50 books over the course of a year. How the mighty have fallen! Seriously, since then I’ve fallen out of the habit of reading, and want to get that habit started again.

I know that some of these things sound like resolutions, but I’m approaching them as things that I should be doing regardless of what time of year it is. They are things things that I’ve been able to do in the past and need to get back to doing again. Will it work? I’d like to see 2017 try and stop me!

Happy New Year!