Another Year Gone

Welcome to the last day of 2016, and my first post of 2016. This is my annual marker to acknowledge the passing of another trip around the sun. It’s also been customary for me to point out my failings as a blogger over the last year; being that this is my one and only post for 2016 I’d say those failings are self-evident.

I don’t have a lot to say about the year behind us. In spite of the perception of negativity concerning the last twelve months, I haven’t had a terribly bad year. Well, except for surgery for a torn rotator cuff and the four month recovery time that went along with it.

I didn’t read any books this year, which is odd considering the downtime I had. I made it to the movies a few times, took in one or two concerts, and saw a few shows at the theater. Most of my spare time, however, was dedicated to watching YouTube videos about my newest hobby. I’ll have more on that in future ramblings, assuming I post more than once in 2017.

Speaking of 2017, I wish that the upcoming year is a great one for everyone. It will be a harder year for many; may you have an easier time than you anticipate.

Happy 2017!