My February Reads, 2014

Book StackJanuary was a cold, wintery month, and February was more of the same. You would think that the winter weather would make it perfect for curling up and reading. Unfortunately, the multiple snowstorms put me in a fantastically lousy mood, especially when I went down on the ice on Valentine’s Day! Except for the time that I’ve been able to spend with my new granddaughter, I’ve had a major case of the winter blues and just haven’t felt like reading much at all. I did manage to get a little reading in before things turned sour, but I have some catching up to do to get back on track.

Without further ado, here is my very short list of my February short reading. With any luck, I’ll get my mojo back this month.

The Best of Harry Harrison by Harry Harrison

I started this collection in late January, and finished up the last four stories in this book on the first day of February.

  • Roommates (2/1/14)
  • The Mothballed Spaceship (2/1/14)
  • An Honest Day’s Work (2/1/14)
  • Space Rats of the C.C.C. (2/1/14)

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 89, Edited by Neil Clarke

  • Tortoiseshell Cats Are Not Refundable by Cat Rambo (2/7/14)
  • The Eleven Holy Numbers of the Mechanical Soul by Natalia Theodoridou (2/7/14)
  • And Wash Out by Tides of War by An Owomoyela (2/7/14)
  • Infinities by Vandana Singh (2/7/14)
  • Martian Heart by John Barnes (2/7/14)

Come on, Spring!

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  1. Fran Parker says:

    Thanks for the Harry Harrison lead for SciFi books! The Deathworld trilogy sounds very interesting!

    The Mothballed Spaceship even more so since it’s the last based on the character, Jason dinAlt, hero of the Deathworld series according to this blog article:

    Tried to look up Harry Harrison at and got this over capacity message for the first time ever there:

    (NOTE: It’s back now but that was disconcerting since it never happened before.)

    Now I was able to get to the goodreads page you linked to on Harry Harrison and added that book to my to-read list. Thanks!

    Just saw he passed away I guess in August 2012?

    Sad I hadn’t read any of his books before he passed and now there won’t be any others…

  2. Fran Parker says:

    I am also very much enjoying Clarkesworld Magazine! Listening to Human Strandings and the Role of the Xenobiologist and reading along here: