Only The Beginning

2014As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m going to become a grandfather for the first time later this month, so 2014 is already off to a good start. It also means that my new granddaughter just may have an influence on the content of this site in the coming year. I don’t plan to turn it into Pop-Pop’s photo gallery, but I’ll definitely be talking about my nefarious plans to turn her into a little geekling.

I also have some plans for my reading habits this year. Last year was very uneven in regards to the kinds of books I was reading; there were also long stretches where I barely read anything. What this means is that in 2014 I want to diversify the kinds of books I read and to read consistently throughout the new year.

I also would like to increase the amount of short fiction I read. In addition to my Clarkesworld subscription and the shelves (both real and virtual) of unread anthologies I own, I have a backlog of over 800 short stories from Daily Science Fiction sitting unread in my inbox. I have a lot of catching up to do. So my short fiction goal in 2014 is to read at least one story a day on average.

Last year I published 34 posts here on Fuddster Dot Com. It was a marked increase from the three posts published in 2012, but like my reading, I was very inconsistent. While I averaged close to three posts per month, there were too many months that had only one or two posts. Not to mention last August, with no posts at all.

So the theme for the coming year will be consistency. I’m going to work on both reading and blogging more regularly, and to document the building of a little geek mind once she arrives into this new year.

Happy 2014, everyone!