My December Reads, 2013

Book StackI finally got back to my reading in December, making it a “catch-up” month. In spite of the busyness of the holidays, I finished up an anthology that I started in September, and worked on getting up to date with my Clarkesworld subscription.


Machine of Death, Edited by Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo, and David Malki !

I polished off the rest of Machine of Death early in the month, and I’m looking forward to trying the next book of stories in the series, This Is How You Die, sometime soon.

  • Aneurysm (12/2/13)
  • Exhaustion From Having Sex With A Minor (12/2/13)
  • After Many Years, Stops Breathing, While Asleep,… (12/2/13)
  • Killed By Daniel (12/2/13)
  • Friendly Fire (12/3/13)
  • Nothing (12/6/13)
  • Cocaine And Painkillers (12/6/13)
  • Loss Of Blood (12/6/13)
  • Prison Knife Fight (12/6/13)
  • While Trying To Save Another (12/9/13)
  • Miscarriage (12/9/13)
  • Shot By Sniper (12/9/13)
  • Heat Death Of The Universe (12/9/13)
  • Drowning (12/9/13)
  • ? (12/9/13)
  • Cassandra (12/9/13)

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 85, Edited by Neil Clarke

  • The Symphony of Ice and Dust by Julie Novakova (12/16/13)
  • Bits by Naomi Kritzer (12/17/13)
  • The Creature Recants by Dale Bailey(12/20/13)
  • The Ki-anna by Gwyneth Jones (12/23/13)
  • A Night at the Tarn House by George R.R. Martin (12/23/13)

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 86, Edited by Neil Clarke

  • Mystic Falls by Robert Reed (12/29/13)
  • The Aftermath by Maggie Clark (12/29/13)
  • Never Dreaming (In Four Burns) by Seth Dickinson (12/29/13)
  • Manifest Destiny by Joe Haldeman (12/29/13)
  • Special Economics by Maureen F. McHugh (12/30/13)

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 87, Edited by Neil Clarke

  • Daedalum, the Devil’s Wheel by E. Lily Yu (12/30/13)
  • Of Alternate Adventures and Memory by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz (12/30/13)
  • Silent Bridge, Pale Cascade by Benjanun Sriduangkaew (12/30/13)
  • 10^16 to 1 by James Patrick Kelly (12/31/13)
  • The Pure Product by John Kessel (12/31/13)

That’s it for all the short fiction I read this year. All told I read approximately 188 stories, encompassing 14 magazine issues, 4 anthologies, and other random readings in 2013. Not a bad reading year for me. With any luck, 2014 will give me plenty of new stories to read!