Another One Bites The Dust

Another year, that is.

Twenty Thirteen was another busy year in a lifetime of busy years, and on the whole, it seemed to be an unoffensive sort of year. Like any year, there were the usual ups and downs.

Blog-wise, I tried a few new things this year; some worked, some didn’t. Regardless, I still managed to publish 34 posts (including this one) this year. It certainly tops the three posts from all of 2012, and almost equals my output from 2011. I think that’s quite an improvement for me.

This year also turned out to be the Year of the Kickstarter for me. In November of 2012 I backed my very first Kickstarter project, a 2013 calendar by Hugo-winning artist John Picacio. In 2013 I backed six additional Kickstarters, including Picacio’s 2014 calendar and the most entertaining Kickstarter ever, Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination.

In the real world, the empty nest that my wife and I were enjoying filled up again when our son came home after obtaining his Masters. We also received the news that our daughter is expecting, with the new geekling scheduled to arrive shortly!

I'm The Princess

I’ve continued to keep track of my reading habits throughout the year. It was an uneven year, but I still managed to get a good deal of reading in. I’m contemplating writing a post that wraps up my reading for this year after the holidays have died down, and I definitely plan to continue logging what I read both here on the site and on

2014 looks to be an exciting year for yours truly, I hope it is just as exciting for all of you, too!

Happy New Year!