My September Reads, 2013

Book StackWhen I began my September reading, I decided that it would be nice to have a “Short Fiction Month” this time around. That meant no novels on my reading list; only anthologies, collections, magazines, and stand-alone short fiction were allowed. It was a welcome change of pace. It also meant that I have a long list of short fiction to share, so settle in for everything I read last month.

The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury

I started reading the Barnes and Noble Ray Bradbury Collection, which includes The Martian Chronicles, The Illustrated Man, and The Golden Apple of the Sun, shortly after Bradbury’s death in 2012, long before I began to keep track of my short fiction reading. I began the collection with The Illustrated Man, but kept putting it down for some unknown reason. I finally decided to buckle down and finish up that part of it this month. These are the stories that finished the remainder of The Illustrated Man.

  • No Particular Night or Morning (9/2/13)
  • The Fox and the Forest (9/2/13)
  • The Visitor (9/4/13)
  • The Concrete Mixer (9/4/13)
  • Marrionettes, Inc. (9/4/13)
  • The City (9/4/13)
  • Zero Hour (9/5/13)
  • The Rocket (9/5/13)

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 84, Edited by Neil Clarke

Clarkesworld continues to be a magazine I enjoy. The stories and the included non-fiction are always top notch.

  • Mar Pacifico by Greg Mellor (9/6/13)
  • The Promise of Space by James Patrick Kelly (9/6/13)
  • One Flesh by Mark Bourne and Elizabeth Bourne (9/8/13)
  • Out of Copyright by Charles Sheffield (9/8/13)
  • First Principle by Nancy Kress (9/8/13)

The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination, Edited by John Joseph Adams

  • Professor Incognito Apologizes: an Itemized List by Austin Grossman (9/9/13)
  • Father of the Groom by Harry Turtledove (9/10/13)
  • Laughter at the Academy by Seanan McGuire (9/10/13)
  • Letter to the Editor by David D. Levine (9/10/13)
  • Instead of a Loving Heart by Jeremiah Tolbert (9/10/13)
  • The Executor by Daniel H. Wilson (9/10/13)
  • The Angel of Death Has a Business Plan by Heather Lindsley (9/11/13)
  • Homo Perfectus by David Farland (9/11/13)
  • Ancient Equations by L. A. Banks (9/11/13)
  • Rural Singularity by Alan Dean Foster (9/12/13)
  • Captain Justice Saves the Day by Genevieve Valentine (9/12/13)
  • The Mad Scientist’s Daughter by Theodora Goss (9/12/13)
  • The Space Between by Diana Gabaldon (9/13/13)
  • Harry and Marlowe Meet the Founder of the Aetherian Revolution by Carrie Vaughn (9/18/13)
  • Blood and Stardust by Laird Barron (9/20/13)
  • A More Perfect Union by L. E. Modesitt, Jr. (9/20/13)
  • Rocks Fall by Naomi Novik (9/20/13)
  • We Interrupt This Broadcast by Mary Robinette Kowal (9/20/13)
  • The Last Dignity of Man by Marjorie M. Liu (9/23/13)
  • Pittsburg Technology by Jeffrey Ford (9/23/13)
  • Mofongo Knows by Grady Hendrix (9/23/13)
  • The Food Taster’s Boy by Ben Winters (9/23/13)

Machine of Death, Edited by Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo, and David Malki !

I am enjoying the concept of this anthology a great deal, and backed a Kickstarter for the creation of a game based on the concept of a machine that could tell you how you die. Unfortunately, I did not finish all of the stories in time for this list. The good news it that the thr remaining stories will be on next month’s list.

  • Flaming Marshmallow by Camille Alexa (9/23/13)
  • Fudge by Kit Yona (9/23/13)
  • Torn Apart and Devoured by Lions by Jeffrey C. Wells (9/24/13)
  • Despair by K. M. Lawrence (9/24/13)
  • Suicide by David Michael Wharton (9/24/13)
  • Almond by John Chernega (9/24/13)
  • Starvation by M. Bennardo (9/24/13)
  • Cancer by Camron Miller (9/24/13)
  • Firing Squad by J Jack Unrau (9/24/13)
  • Vegetables by Chris Cox (9/24/13)
  • Piano by Rafa Franco (9/24/13)
  • HIV Infection From Machine of Death Needle by Brian Quinlan (9/24/13)
  • Exploded by Tom Francis (9/26/13)
  • Not Waving But Drowning by Erin McKean (9/26/13)
  • Improperly Prepared Blowfish by Gord Sellar (9/26/13)
  • Love Ad Nauseum by Sherri Jacobsen (9/27/13)
  • Murder and Suicide, Respectively by Ryan North (9/27/13)
  • Cancer by David Malki ! (9/27/13)

Random Readings

That takes care of September. Now to see what my pile of books has in store for me in October!