R.I.P. Posterous (2008-2013)

Posterous was a 2Katerine Hepburn skateboarding008 start-up that attempted to make it easier to share photos and other media with your social networks. I signed on in 2010 and used it to save pictures and YouTube videos that I encountered in my travels around the web. It was a nice little service, but I stopped being an active user after about a year.

The site was bought by Twitter just over a year ago, and is shuttering the site as of today, April 30th, “in order to focus 100% of our efforts on Twitter.” Former users have until May 31st to download their content from Posterous. I’ve taken care of that, so expect some of that older content to work its way onto these pages soon.

As an example of some of the things I posted on my Posterous site, please enjoy this picture of Katherine Hepburn on a skateboard. I originally found this on The Mary Sue, and I’m led to believe the original photo came from Hepburn’s autobiography, Me : Stories of My Life.