You Say You Want A Resolution

It’s the first day of the new year, after all. The day most folks make all the resolutions that they’re going to break by Valentine’s Day. I suppose I’m no exception, so let’s see what’s on my mind:

Three posts in all of 2012??? Yeah, well, I hope to do a little better this year. About the only thing I did keep up with on the blog was my reading list. Since I did so well with that, I’m going to try keeping track of the short stories I read in 2013 but in blog posts rather than on the list. I may even throw in some posts about new books I acquire.

In my first post last year I gave an update on the status of all my tech and gadgets. 2012 was also a busy year in tech for me, so not only will I blog about my present gadgets, but any new ones I obtain this year.

In my original post on this iteration of Fuddster Dot Com, I talked about using this blog as a place for my stuff. A place for links, videos, and other interesting stuff I come across while wandering the interwebs. I think it’s past time that I got back to doing just that.

So that’s it. For now, at least. Until next time, here’s my last Resolution: