2011 Tech Update

Words with Friends BoardHere’s an quick overview of my year in tech.

I wrote extensively about my computer problems during the beginning months of 2011 and also of the new computer I built. I’m happy to say that epsilon4 has been running like a champ and have had only a few issues with running Linux rather than Windows.

On the eBook reader front, I did eventually go back and re-purchase the Nook Simple Touch at Barnes & Noble for $99, but was disappointed when I opened the package and found that the reduced price version did not include an AC adapter. (Note to self: Never complain about stuff like that on the Nook forums.) Other than that I’ve been very happy with the device, especially with the extended battery life.

Barnes & Noble also introduced their new color Nook Tablet, the Nook Color’s big brother, priced at $249 (compared to the Kindle Fire’s $199). The also dropped the price of the original Nook Color to $199. I will be doing some thinking along these lines and may have more to say about it in the new year.

I’ve been enjoying my Droid 3 Android smartphone since I picked it up in October. Overall I was happy with the Droid 3 with the exception of the camera. I will have to admit, however, that the Camera ZOOM FX app made the Droid 3’s camera much easier to work with. Some of my other favorite apps include Words with Friends, MixZing, MX Video Player, and the Nook and Kindle ebook reader apps. Since I’m not a big fan of the “Cloud,” I threw a 32 GB SD card in the phone and trasferred about 15 GB of my music and videos so that I have them with me all the time. Very handy!

And I may get an urge to play with the look of the site again, or not. In either case, Happy 2012!