Revolving Nooks

As this entry is posted, I am again Nook-less.

If you recall, Nook #1 met an unfortunate end. Nook #2 was returned mere days after it was purchased, due to the announcement of the Amazon Kindle Fire and my anticipation of Barnes & Noble’s response. As it turned out, my resolve weakened before Barnes & Noble made it’s move, and I opted to purchase Nook #3.

As luck would have it, less than a week after the purchase of Nook #3, Barnes & Noble finally announced that they were making an announcement on November 7th. As I was sure that it concerned the arrival of a new Nook Color Tablet, and being that I was quite happy with my new Nook Simple Touch, for the most part I ignored the news of the November 7th announcement. Until yesterday.

Yesterday was when I discovered, through a series of articles on Android Central, that in addition to a the announcement of a new Nook Tablet and a price reduction of the original Nook Color, the Nook Simple Touch would see a price reduction of $40, to bring its price down to $99.

Luckily, I was still within the 14 day return window for Nook #3, so I drove down to Barnes & Noble to return my Nook Simple Touch for a refund. Now that I am Nook-less, I’ll wait for the announcement of the price reduction on Monday, then head back and buy the same hardware for $40 less as soon as I can. And while I’m at the register I’ll probably take that extra $40 and buy a gift card so I can buy more e-books for my Nook.

What I won’t do to save a buck…