Project Epsilon4: It’s ALIVE!

When last seen, epsilon3.5 was almost ready to make way for epsilon4. All that was needed was a new hard drive, a clean install of openSUSE 11.4 and the restoration of all my files from my backups.

WD 640 GB SATA III hard drive

WD 640 GB SATA III hard drive

I was fortunate enough to acquire a 640 GB SATA III drive with a 64 MB cache at a decent price, so I opened up the case, unplugged the 250 GB drive that held epsilon3.5 and connected the new drive.I booted up the machine and confirmed that the new drive was recognized in the BIOS, then started a fresh install of openSUSE.

Once openSUSE was installed, I checked all the basics to make sure everything worked as expected. The internet worked out of the box, so I was able to update the system right away. Not having to reboot after all those updates felt wonderful! I added some software, did some minor configuration and that’s when I realized that the core of epslion4 was now complete. There will be some changes in the near future to be sure; more storage and a bigger, better display are two things I can think of right off the top of my head. But from now until it stops working, this machine is epsilon4.

I started the new year with a dead computer. Now I have a new custom-built (and pretty kick-ass) machine that was designed to last at least as long as its predecessor. While the story of epsilon4’s creation is now complete, the rest of the story is just beginning. To tell that story, I started the rute cellar. That’s where I plan on sharing my adventures with epsilon4 and Linux; anyone who enjoyed this series of posts is welcome to come along for the ride!openSUSE Logo

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