TWTW: The Seven Week Itch

Here we are, seven weeks into the new year. By now, the newness of the year has just about worn off. The good news is that it’s about a month until the start of spring, which means summer won’t be far behind!

Tooth Hurty I knew this tooth needed attention. “Let me just get though the holidays,” I told myself. I mean, how bad could it get? Yeah. So I let it go, and let it go, and now I know how bad it could get. I just wish someone would explain to me why these things happen on the weekend. Just my luck, I guess…

Great Balls o’ Fire! On Tuesday of this week I saw this tweet from Phil Plait, otherwise known as The Bad Astronomer: Did you see today’s daytime fireball in Philly? Then go here, and please report what you saw (link is there): Apparently, a fireball was seen in the early afternoon sky over the east coast, and was visible from Connecticut to southern New Jersey. As luck would have it, I missed the whole thing, being safely cocooned in my windowless workplace. Here are some reports from the local media and a list of sightings collected by the American Meteor Society.

SFDF Challenge Update Cross another one off the list! “Curse of the Demon” has now been watched. That’s six down and only four to go. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go here to catch up. Next up? The 1955 atomic thriller, Tarantula.

Video Of The week: Beatles 3000

Historians from the year 3126 take a look at the legacy of The Lads from Linverton: John, Paul, Greg, and Scottie. Kudos to Scott Gairdner.

Link Of The Week: 49 years ago today, astronaut and future US Senator John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth, piloting his Mercury capsule Friendship 7 for three orbits, then splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean.

Video Extra, Valentine’s Edition:

Just in case you missed the big day.