The Week That Was: Number Two

Week Two of the new year seems to have come and gone without even having the courtesy to say goodbye. Maybe if I had shown it a little more attention I would have had a warning before it took off. Regardless, the week is gone and I barely have anything to show for it.

Oh No, Snow! Mother Nature insists on dumping this white stuff on us every winter. In all honesty, it wasn’t as bad here in South Jersey as it was in other parts of the country, but I still refuse to pass up an opportunity to whine about it. I stopped enjoying the snow the second I received my driver’s license and had to start driving through it. So let me whine – I’m sure I’ll be done by the time it all melts.

Goose Eggs I don’t really have any updates on my SFDF Challenge or on my computer status, other than deciding to build a new computer instead of buying a new PC. I received “King Kong” from NetFlix the other day, so I will be trying to make time to watch it before the weekend is over.

Video Of The Week: NASA – The Frontier Is Everywhere

Barnes & Ignoble While the problems I was having with my Barnes & Noble gift cards were finally resolved this week, I was and am unsatisfied with the length of time it took to correct the issue. In light of that and the trouble that they’re still having with processing gift card purchases correctly, I will be holding off making any new eBook purchases from Barnes & Noble until those problems are resolved. Which really disappoints me since I have a stack of gift cards burning a hole in my wallet.

Link Of The Week Have yourself a Melting Head Cake! From the site:

The idea was a severed head cake, served up on a silver platter with an attractive array of garnishes, with flesh that would melt off over the course of the party, revealing the grinning skull underneath.

How could you not want a slice of that cake??