Weekend Diversions

My wife and I have been spending a good amount of time on a lot of different things over the last four or five weeks, the latest being our son’s return home from school for the summer and our daughter’s graduation from college this weekend. Aside from the ever-present home improvement cycle and the constant need to actually spend time at work in order to actually pay for it all, there now seems to be a window for some actual relaxation here and there…

Iron Man 2

My son and I took the opportunity today to check out the latest installment of the Iron Man franchise. It was a great movie if you weren’t expecting a whole lot. It wasn’t quite as good as the original and the final slugfest seemed a tad short, but it was still entertaining in a “need to build a particle accelerator in my living room to invent a new power supply for my suit” kind of way. Casual fans will probably eat it up while the more serious fan-boys should find plenty to keep the comment boards hopping for a while.

Game Time

What do Cthulhu and Zombies have in common? They’re now both featured in dice games named after them! Steve Jackson Games has recently released Cthulhu Dice and Zombie Dice for your gaming pleasure. They are both inexpensive and quick-playing games with fairly easy game mechanics that make them both easy to learn. I played a few rounds of each with my son and decided that they were both worth spots in our game collection. Here’s a video from Steve Jackson Games that includes a game of Cthulhu Dice being played:

Take Me Us Out To The Ball Game

It looks as though this may turn out to be the Summer of Baseball for our clan. We live in the gravity well of Philadelphia Phillies baseball and have been blessed with some great baseball over the last few years. In the very near future, the whole family (or some subset thereof) will be attending multiple games. The way the Phightins’ have started, it could be a very good year for baseball indeed!

While We’re Talking Sports…

Kudos to the Philadelphia Flyers who have made it to the Stanley Cup Conference Championship round after coming back from a 3 games to none deficit to come back and win the semi-final round against the Boston Bruins! Good luck against the Canadiens, guys!!!